1737, need to talk? FAQ’s

‘1737, need to talk?’ is New Zealand’s new national mental health & addictions helpline number.

The 4-digit number is free to text or call anytime to talk with a trained counsellor, its also a much easier number to remember a 4-digit helpline number, rather than an 0800 number.

1737 is staffed by a team of paid counsellors who are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

1737 is run as part of the National Telehealth Service. The same trained mental health professionals who currently respond to calls, texts, webchat and emails across the existing National Telehealth Service mental health and addiction helplines (depression, gambling and alcohol drug helplines) will be on hand to support people who call or text 1737.

What does the service provide?

When someone texts or calls 1737 a counsellor will work with the person to develop a care plan. This could include referral to another service, additional counselling or provision of information and support.

Brief intervention counselling services (primary counselling services where alternative counselling services are not available).

Transfer and signposting to other National Telehealth Services e.g. face-to-face service providers.

What can someone call about?

Anyone feeling stressed, anxious, worried, depressed, needing advice on mental health or addictions issues can call or text us.

How is the service accessed?

Free text or call 1737.

Who answers the calls?

Calls are answered by trained counsellors who use proven behavioural support techniques.

Is the service confidential?

Yes 1737 is completely confidential, people can remain anonymous if they wish. If however if it becomes clear that someone is at risk of harm it may be necessary for us to contact Police or ambulance.

How is privacy managed?

The privacy, trust and confidence of people using our services is vital – there is important information about your privacy here.

Is 1737 the helpline name?

Yes, the full name is 1737, need to talk? with the question mark included.

Why the number 1737?

This new service has been designed over the last 12 months with in-depth consumer input from Kiwis.

Research told us that some people found 0800 numbers difficult to remember. 1737 is an easy to remember number and doesn’t have a barrier for some in the way the word ‘Depression’ Helpline might have.

This is a significant technological innovation developed in partnership with Spark. It is the first text and call 4-digit number in Health and is available on all networks.

What is the National Telehealth Service?

The National Telehealth Service was established in late 2015, as part of the integrated services these include; Healthline, Quitline, Alcohol & Drug, Gambling, Poisons, Immunisation, Depression, Earthquake helplines, and now include Early Mental Health Response Service and the national mental health and addictions helpline; Need to talk? 1737.

2,000 contacts are made to the service every day and over 220 frontline staff work on the National Telehealth Services, from five contact centres and 91 registered nurses work from their home offices across New Zealand.

All services are available 24/7, with interpreter services available in over 40 languages.

Can I still text if I don’t have credit?

1737 is a free service and costs nothing to text or call, however some mobile providers require you to have a small amount of credit on your phone in order to text 1737. This applies to Spark and Vodafone customers, Skinny and 2 Degrees customers shouldn’t be affected.

Note: If you have an Android phone and you are texting without credit, a default warning may appear warning of charges. Please remember it is free to text 1737.