1737 ‘Struggle Got Real?’ campaign

This campaign launched on February 1st and asks everyone to reconsider 1737 (and mental health help-seeking in general). It’s been a tough last year and many people who’ve never needed (or thought they needed) counsellor support before would now benefit from reaching out to 1737.

This campaign will normalize reaching out for support and help people understand how 1737 is there to help them in mild to moderate mental health distress.

The question is the understated, kiwi-ism of “Struggle Got Real?”

The answer is 1737 (tahi whitu toru whitu)

Below is a PDF providing more details about the campaign (and where you’ll see and hear it).

Here is one of the campaign’s radios ads you might hear in the coming weeks.

Sample radio ad:

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Help spread the word about the ‘Struggle Got Real?’ campaign – and 1737’s free counsellor support.

You can see and share the campaign Facebook posts directly from the 1737 Facebook page.

Below are some campaign assets that you are encouraged to use and share within your community. (Right-click to download the files to your computer)